field architect job

For instance router and video installation field, the architect is expected to be subject matter expert in video solutions with cameras, video management software, and other solution mechanisms for the complete video surveillance solution.

Additionally, the FSA is likely to understand the interface of video surveillance into related solution areas such as access mechanism and IoT solutions in support of additional broad used cases. 

During ideation, Field Solution Architects launches the broad commercial context for the solution of required technology and defines the vision and necessities for the solution.

The project managers drive the primary role for managing solution delivery; Solutions Architect will play a proactive role in leading project design and implementation – like creation architects of the installation site, who remains with project leaders until completion of the site – ensuring quality, usability and time to market. With this holistic approach, a role we call the solution architect.

field architect job description

The solution architect considers architectural, quality and feasibility accountability for a given technology or system, adding the views and experiences of various category of specialists. The sole objective of Field Solutions Architect is to make sure a solution is delivered that is acceptable for all the internal and external stakeholders.