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A LAN network will also typically experience less congestion whereas a WAN will tend to suffer from more. Again, this is just due to the nature of the different setups in place here.

In our changing digital landscape, cybersecurity has become paramount importance of 2019.

Cost. Typically, you will find that the LAN network is cheaper to both set up and maintain. This is once again due to the low geographical area of the system. You also don’t need to worry about leasing telecommunication lines. In contrast, with a WAN network telecommunication line leases are needed, driving up the cost. For set up, costs can be cut down by using cheap software such as a VPN but this will never be as effective as a full physical set up.

This should help you understand whether or not you need a WAN or LAN network in your business. Generally speaking, small companies will operate on a LAN system whereas larger businesses and corporations will require both. Advanced networks that use LANs and WANs, as well as subnetworks, can be incredibly complex because they all need to operate independently and as one unified system. As such, it is crucial that the right set up is utilized from day one.
In contrast, WAN speeds can be impacted by various issues. You need to think about the equipment you are using but it will also depend on the equipment used in the network itself. You won’t typically have any control over this and WANs will be slower due to the distance data will have to travel. Technology is changing all the time and high-quality copper cables are used to speed up WAN connections.

Security. Generally, it is true to say that LANs are far safer than WANs. The reason for this should be fairly obvious. Since LANs are smaller in size and scope, it’s less likely for an issue to develop or for something like a virus to access the network. In contrast, WANs are far wider with a higher level of interconnectivity. As such, there is always going to be a greater chance that something goes wrong. That’s why when using a WAN it’s crucial that you do have the right set up to protect the individual systems and the network itself.

Generally, if you are using a WAN you will also have a LAN but the opposite may not be true. However, if a WAN and LAN are in place, it’s likely that these are just pieces of a larger set of networks. As such, these systems can be quite complex to set up and manage. Particularly, if you want to maintain a high bandwidth.
lan wan