managed and unmanaged switch

How do I Choose Between a Managed and Unmanaged Network Switch?
This question cannot be so simply answered. A network manager or technician is usually the one best qualified to help you choose a network switch based on your needs. However, for smaller businesses that consist of a single office or freelance professional work, it is not likely that you’re going to need more than a smaller unmanaged switch. If there are thousands of users on the network at any one time, however, then managed switches are crucial.

Yet, it’s important to look at not just the size, but the features that you might need and the complexity of the network. For instance, security may play a large role in your choice. Even if your network is relatively small, if there is a lot of highly sensitive data (customer data, financial details, etc.) being transmitted across the network, then managed data switches may still be the most appropriate choice. Similarly, if your business frequently works with clients and partners that need a temporary, limited degree of access to your network, then the VLAN function of the managed switch might be necessary to ensure security.
difference between managed and unmanaged switch

Learn More About the Best Network Switch for You with a Network Technician
If you’ve read all of the points above and you’re still not certain whether an unmanaged network is enough to meet your needs or if you have crossed the line where a managed switch is necessary, you need an expert. At Field Engineer, it’s easy to tap into an international network of IT experts, including network technicians, which can make sure that you’re choosing not just the right network switch, but that you’re creating a network that’s secure, efficient, and has all the features that you need.